It always starts out the same way, doesn't it?

As a young boy I heard a strange tune and went completely nuts over it.

The tune turned out to be "Stakker Humanoid" by Humanoid and over the years I devoured all electronic music I could get my hands on - acid, trance, house, techno, hardcore... My taste started to become more and more refined, I was picking out the best bits from each genre and recording them onto tapes that filled the walls of my room. After listening to these tapes over and over again I finally went to my first rave in the summer of 1993 and got completely hooked - the music, the people, the lights, the everything!

After a stint in the Swedish army I turned to DJ'ing in the beginning of 1997 after spending too long of a time on the dancefloors of the exploding rave scene in Stockholm. It only took a few months before I debuted at my first club, Ohm Bar, with a set of techno and tech/trance tracks. I was, of course, terrible but it was a necessary experience to get out and play in front of people rather than just being a bedroom DJ.

In 1999 I started a record label called Armalyte Records along with my two friends Marcus Stork and Martin Kindgren. Over the coming four years we released 12"s with tracks from international artists such as Box Blaze & Deetron, Leandro Gamez, Devilfish, Mark Verbos, Slobodan and Eric Prydz (as Groove System, along with Marcus Stork). A year or two later we decided to form another label to have an output for the funkier and deeper styled productions, and so Physical Soul was born. After four brilliant releases from PS and nine from Armalyte everything crashed in 2003 due to our distributor filing for bankrupcy.

Since then, it's been all about DJ'ing. I've played in many, many european cities in front of crowds ranging from 35 to 3500 people, then in 2007 I created and launched my mixshow The Purpose of Sound. The show has been very successful - some of the mixes got downloaded so many times it killed the server and that's just the way I like it!

Anyway, welcome to my new and improved website - feel free to have a look around.

Armalyte discography 1999-2002

ARMALYTE001 - Slobodan - Untitled (12") - 1999
ARMALYTE002 - Slobodan - Untitled (12") - 1999
ARMALYTE003 - Per Mikael P - Source and Target (12") - promo only
ARMALYTE004 - Mark Verbos - American Outcast (12") - 2000
ARMALYTE005 - C. Garette - Collected Congas (12") - 2000
ARMALYTE006 - La Familia - Borås 2000 (12") - 2000
ARMALYTE007 - Curse - Swedish Sauna (12") - 2001
ARMALYTE008 - Groove System - Dope Rhythms (12") - 2001
ARMALYTE009 - Ted Björling - Love I've Known (12") - 2002
ARMALYTE010 - Various - The Armalyte Allstars Vol.1&2 (2x12") - promo only
ARMALYTE011 - Mooz - Untitled (12") - promo only

Physical Soul discography 2001-2003

PS001 - Curse - Bold Belief (12") - 2001
PS002 - Edition Eight - Almost Sometimes (12") - 2001
PS003 - Zohar - Dark Kingdom (12") - 2002
PS004 - Sascha Zastiral - New Continent (12") - 2003